Individual impression by Jeremy

It is hard to explain my impressions, because the evolve each day. At first, I was really interested in learning about the devices and tools I did not know about. I thought it would be great to be able to use those tools in class.

Then, I was more interested about the use of those tools. What can we do about them ? How can we use them. We have been able to see that the tools in itself is nothing. It is the teacher job to use it in a proper way.

Today, I’ve been wondering about what we want to teach. Which people are in our classes. How can we teach to generation Z and what would be the next generation. I’ve been thinking that it is not important if you use ICT tools or not. What is important, is who you’re talking to. To understand them, to know them, and have them interested. Also, what is waiting for them after school ? We cannot teach the same way we were thought.

So in conclusion, my impression are constantly changing, but that is good and I think everybody should ask himself for each generation : what is expected of me ? I’d like to add that I have learned more by talking to teacher from different countries and try to understand how they teach, what is important for them. All that to be able to ask to myself: what can I get from that to improve my way of teaching.

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Individual impressions

Lizzy and Elena learned that collobaration and connections are the mainpoints of generation Z.
It was interessting to listen to the different lectures, especially learning games, the risk and comfort zones are useful for our future as a teacher.
We don’t have to forget that teaching is not only about the tool, it’s important to have a relationship with your children. Because teaching is more than just unsing a tool with which you can entertain your pupils. 
Obviously it’s usefull to know the tools and how to use them while teaching which was a main target to get to know in this weeks.

Elena as a “future-psychologist”  thinks that PLE is useful for her future. It gives you tools to orgnaize yourself with all the websites and the things you need on just one single site.
You create an account and can be connect from each part of the world.  

Elisabeth likes the idea from the semantic web:
Nowadays when you look up a key word in google then it delivers a lot of results.
You have to collect the information and the knownledge in it and choose between the offert by deciding which information is important for you.
Semantic web is based on answers and not results! Is it going to be the future? WolframAlpha is one project that is already there. You write a question and the tools delivers summerized information.
What teacher do we have to be, do we have to control everything or just use this connection to be better teachers? 

The best teacher is the one who understands his students and is able to use all the tools and methods in a proper way.

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Review 1st Week

The first week started with different lectures and basic information about generation x,y and z. The presentation about the different tools showed us individual possibilities to teach with medias in classes.

We saw pearltrees, blogging, prezi, websites, e-learning, clouds, the use of interactive boards, I Pad, android phones, laptop classes etc.
Each group made presentations with different tools, practiced and manipulated how to deal with them.

We went to different schools with special focus on a ICT tool (tablet, smartboard, radio, website). We observed different ways to work with this.  Because of our presentation in front of the rest of the group, we could share our experiences.

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Tuesday: 2. Day


In the morning some teachers talked about the differences in the generations x, y, z

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Monday – 1.Day


1. Presentation of all the countries talking about “How are ICT and e-culture integrated in the school system of my country?”

We realized that in each country ICT is integrated in different levels. The most popular media are smartboard, tablets, laptop, etc. and the tools used are e-learning (moodle,…) 

We all think that using different ressources in class helps creating a better atmosphere. So it’s important to work with and on that.


2. Presentation: Teachers were talking about different kinds of media.

Blogging, Creating a webside, Cloud, Pearltrees and Using E-learning as necessary tasks for our profession.

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First contact

We arrived Liège on Sunday 2013-02-24.

We met students and teacher from different countries.

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